Friday, August 17, 2012

Reptiles and More

What do all 7 year old boys love? Dirt, snakes and reptiles of course! We went all out to incorporate as many scales and 'slither's as possible. We even hired E&M Reptile Family to come over and bring some of their reptile friends. It was an amazing show that was a big hit.

My husband always asks me to keep the kid's parties simple. And I try, really I do. But I just cannot have a party anymore without a dessert table. Just a cake isn't enough. My version of scaling back this year was that I didn't do sugar cookies, and that was really hard to let go of...but moving on...

I of course wanted to do a great snake cake. I looked on Pinterest for ideas (the go to spot) and found several great ideas but liked this one best. I love how the snake is slithering up the cake. I even got candy rocks to make it look more like a snakes natural habitat.

I like our guests to have options so I also made bug cupcakes. I know, still cake but kids seem to gravitate towards cupcakes so I like to have them on hand. These were pretty easy, just found gummy bugs to put on top of the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. They worked right into the table!

My son loves Jones Soda so I had to incorporate those into his dessert table. I used some labels I had custom made and glued them right onto the green & blue bottles.

For the goody bags I found some bug kits and filled them with gummy snakes and gummy bugs. The kids were able to take them home and catch some new friends of their own.

I wanted to have each guest take a picture in a photo area to include in their thank you card (a great idea of our photographer's)! We created a little area with some greenery and a banner that worked great for photos.

The party really got going once Eric, the reptile guy, showed up. He brought all sorts of fun friends along with him like lizards and snakes. He was so funny and the kids all learned a lot too. Most of the kids were pretty fearless when it came to handling the animals (they were braver than most of the adults)!

Overall it was a great party. And most importantly, the birthday boy had a blast. We love you so much Alex!

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this party possible!

Photography was done by Cristina DaSilva

The beautiful white cake stand used can be found at 44 Brookhill

The darling snake shirt my son is wearing is from OneRepublicApparel

All labels were done by Shutterbug Sentiments

The fabulous reptile show was done by E&M Reptile family (highly recommend if you live in Central CA!!!)


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